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Welcome to R M Shaw Tree and Landscape

We have 25 years of experience making your yard look better. Whether you are looking for hazardous tree removal, brush cleanup, lot clearing, property maintenance or even firewood, R M Shaw has you covered. We are fully equipped with aerial trucks, chip trucks, bobcats, and all the necessary equipment to take care of the job on site.

We are Fully Equipped, Licensed and Insured

Keeping Trees at Their Best

Trimming and pruning your trees and shrubs will keep them growing healthier and stronger while giving your property a clean look. Our expert trimming can determine the best decisions for your landscape.

Quality Tree Care For Your Home

We have years of experience tackling the biggest of trees in the tightest situations. We are experienced with bucket trucks, cranes, and rigging to decide on the best way to handle your trees.

​​Seasoned Firewood

We deliver seasoned and split firewood in cords or half cord, either stacked or dumped on your property. Our wood is aged for optimal burning for over 2 years.

Emergency 24/7 Tree Service

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